What's your any thought about future development on the use of block chains in Taiwan?

there must be some kind of your thought regarding future governmental policy toward developing Taiwan IT system, in particular for the public sector. Be honest, I am getting more and more confused because the local news reports have been telling me about many possibilities and stories those are sometime seem to be different and even against each other, from technology prospect in particular (honestly, I am an amateur in tech field, :-)…). Tax money and time are valuable, rare, and limited resources. In here, I am not asking any definitive or clear answer. My interest here is to try to figure out a possible future picture from your any possible response so that could more reasonable to predict what I need to act next step.

A blockchain is a decentralized database, the key is in the design of its built-in logic (we can think of them as stored procedures).
As Jaya Klara Brekke observed, "a decentralized computer network does not guarantee decentralized power, transparency does not guarantee legibility and finally, code and cryptography does not guarantee neutrality."
So for each possible application, I’d like to focus on the principles — which manual operations can be delegated to a stored procedure? Which procedures are best used only as a secondary backup?
The process of arriving at these guidelines may be analog in nature, involving voice, facial expression, gestures, and simulations. My interest is to engage stakeholders — as diverse & inclusive as possible — and synthesize people’s concerns and ideas into digital recommendations that is legible to everyone involved.

helpful! appreciated…