Would computer science be considered into our educational system?

Would computer science be considered as a “subject” to be added into our 12-year required education?

Countries, such as, Britain in 2014 as the first European countries, by following to Finland in 2016 and Singapore and Italy are going to follow the path, would Taiwan consider adding computer science or related knowledge fields to our educational system?

Yes. In the 2018 curriculum it’s called “Information Technology and Media Literacy”. It was designed so that it is not as its own study, but integrates with all studies, and starting throughout the whole K-12. Every single part of the curriculum needs to find its link to the this core competence.

Computational thinking classes will begin at 7th grade, starting with algorithms, programming, applied ICT, personal data protection, fair use, and cybersecurity.

Thank you so much for this platform for citizens to raise questions and speak out!!!