Your suggestions/advice for an educational topic, to be shared with predominantly American and Taiwanese-American audiences

Dear Minister Audrey Tang,

My name is Ryan Lin, an undergraduate student studying in America. Previously, for a class on Global Affiairs, I presented on Taiwan’s pandemic response. I shared your principles of “Fast, Fair, Fun”, linking it to how digital social innovation can be used to empower democratic action (in terms of a pandemic). For the same class, I am going to produce a 10-minute documentary. Once completed, I hope to share it on multiple social media platforms, and to the relevant institutions in my university.

As a Taiwanese citizen, I am very proud of Taiwan, our democracy, and your innovative work, and I want to share these lessons to more people. I want to ask for your suggestion on what topic would be appropriate for me to highlight, given my stance as a student studying abroad, with a potential reach to American and international college students.

What do you think American and Taiwanese-American audiences, or anybody who knows little of Taiwan should know? Many of them probably only know Taiwan through news articles that talk about our independece and China. Therefore, I am thinking about presenting on digitcal democracy and tying it to Taiwan’s independence and efforts of global recognition.

Thank you very much for your help!